Anonymous (not verified) | Tue, 08/27/2013 - 1:03pm

This sent chills up my spine!!!! I had this happen to me about 1 month ago!!!!! "IDENTICAL" to this report!!!!!

It was a white young lady aprox. 23 yrs old, blond hair, about 5 "4. The female knocked on my door & I would not open however she was very persistant and kept ringing the doorbell as well as knocking.

I opened a window from my upstairs loft &* asked what she wanted she then advised she was selling books. I told her I was not avail. at the time & she asked if she could pass by later on the day. I was so rushed at that specific moment so I said OK & closed the window.

Later on in the evening she passed by once again, I was annoyed!!! but opened since she was so persistant. I had the door cracked open since I am very picky about letting anyone in my home!!!

The female advised she was selling books once again and asked to please come in, I told her I was busy with dinner but gave her the chance to explain what it was about she once again insisted she come in. I (now regreting it) opened the door and let her in.

It was a "Russian" girl with a very heavy accent!! The female stated she was a foreign exchange student & she was selling these amazing books for all ages. Female sat in my sofa looking all around!! she kept saying wow I like your home!

It then struck me as odd that my children were in another area seperated from where she was sitting and she asked me for water. I got up to get her water and when I did she had actually followed me to the kitchen area where my children where.

The female was more focused on my children & kept asking for their ages. As soon as she drank the water she asked if I was interested in buying the books ( which were expensive) I advised my husband was not home and preffered on speaking to him first.

The female then stated she would come back at a time that my husband would be home. The female never came back!!! The whole time I had such a bad gut feeling about this young female.

One of the things that she had on her clipboard where family names that lived in my neighborhood and she wanted to know if I knew those families and if so if any of those homes had children that were my son's age. This was very odd to me!!!! She even showed me the list of their names.

The rest of the week I actually drove around my neighborhood checking to see if I would see her again since I had such a bad feeling!!!! I let my husband know so that he would be aware but we never saw her again.

The female did tell me she was from Russia. This really has made me worry!!!!! I just moved from that home 1 week ago,  at least I have a little more peace of mind. I live in Central Florida so you might want to add this State/City to your list.



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