Concerned Mama (not verified) | Sat, 08/24/2013 - 3:40pm

These people approached my neighbor three days ago. It was a young woman with expensive learning system. My friend sent them away and they went to the other neighbor with children.

I didn't think they would come back but... Today this woman came to MY house. She was very interested in getting into my home. When told no repeatedly, she asked to use the restroom and even went into detail telling me that she "got her period today and can't wait to get to the store."

She used this same line on my neighbors days ago and minutes apart!!

I grabbed the pistol and let her hit the door.

She has a hand-drawn map with the number of children and approximate (and some exact) ages and schools they attend!

I am NOT joking or being dramatic. I am not okay with this. It has happened to multiple family members and most parents in our small community.


Why can't the police do anything other than make them leave the property? What will it take to get them out of our town here in Lawrence County, Alabama?


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