An ounce of skepticism please! (not verified) | Tue, 08/20/2013 - 10:54pm

And not a. Single reported missing child after these people have been by. Not even one example is listed here. Seriously folks. I bought books from these people years ago and learned all about the company in the years since as they always return to sell more. My 4 boys who have always been next to me during the sales pitch are very much still home and safe. I am all for being safe and yes some sales people can be pushy, hello used car guy, but accusing them of child trafficking?! That's just obtuse.
Even if there are people posing as sales people, that doesn't mean they all are... Be safe. Watch your kids, get the sales people's info, even call the police (while they are there! Not after they left) and have them checked out. Any real sales person will be fine with that, but don't blindly accuse a group of people based on a Facebook or blog entry with no merit. You miss out in meeting neat people and some great books.


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