Anonymous (not verified) | Sat, 11/08/2014 - 7:30pm

There was another picture of Michelle Obama with a bulge showing in the front of her sweater dress on and I attempted to submit a comment. There is no mistaking this individual is a man or transgender, and was not born female!

Earlier this year, the late Joan Rivers had made a remark to the press about it being common knowledge among people in the entertainment world that Michell Obama is a transgender. She was walking into a building at the time of the a short interview. I did not see this until late June or early July. A friend had told me and I later saw Joan Rivers interview on a news site. My friend told me she feared for Rivers life after making that statement to the press, but she confirmed it was fact.

Within a week after we had spoken, Joan Rivers was hospitalized for some kind of surgery and afteward placed in intensive care. Rivers seemed to be making progress but she suddenly "relapsed", and was eventually pronounced dead, all within two weeks of our interchange! That's when I knew there was more to the story of Michelle Obama AKA Michael LaVaughn Robinson, born in 1966 (in St. Louis or Chicago) to a drug dealer father and hooker/addict mother. Later, through research more information was given about the parents of 'Robinson', which saw on Before It's News!, a complete history of an infamous Chicago pimp (the name escapes me) turns out to be Michael Robinson's real father!

Later around 1982,Michael Robinson played football and was drafted to play in Oregon, which is where I left off but the the rest is out there for anyone's desire to know the truth.

I feel this deception of Michelle Obama as a transgender explains the position taken by Obama and the current Pope Francis on gay marriage and LGTB rights. These will allow the legal system round the globe to put sexual predators in a position to access children that are removed from their rightful loving families.

There is an unprecedented amount of scandals now in Great Britain related to sexual predators from the Royal Family to the legal profession and entertainment industry. The Illuminati are putting as many of their members into government, all over the world to make paedophilia seem a 'normal' way of life, and a righteous way to be. The US legal profession is now following very close to the UK in removing children from loving families and awarding them to sexual predators as 'a better choice' for parenting.

The truth is out there and I want more people to know about this agenda, while the world economy is ravaged by the international banksters to bring forth their one-world government, New World Order (NWO).

Many will not believe it but doing their own research will yield more truth than fiction. Barack Obama is gay and his 'wife' a transgender to prove it further. The kids are likely to be child actors used to bring about the deception of normal family values coming from the White House. Stop being taken in and expose the lies you will now uncover!


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