Bob Weigel (not verified) | Sun, 07/06/2014 - 1:59am

I mean the article includes valid points. We all see that 'michelle's hands have relatively long ring finger proportion like a man. THe shoulders...proportioned to head like a man etc. Possibly a woman with very unusual characteristics like that? Maybe but.... UNLIKELY given that hey... nobody I know of has seen photos that would link the Obama children to the Obamas for instance. Maybe they are adopted. Maybe the elitist pigs that handed houses etc. to this loser and groomed him to this position snagged him a couple girls to raise too. The general public nor anyone we can find knows ANYTHING about these people basically before he appears on the political scene.
But then you accompany what sounds like plausible information WITH JOKE PHOTOS of people in old time helmets and faces that are obviously shopped right into them. Hot news flash. A MLB wouldn't likely be wearing a single bar face guard AND THOSE SHOES! C'mon..this is a pic from like the 1940's or something with faces dubbed in. What kind of disinformation joke is this? Are we trying to discredit the actual story here by posting a fake photo?


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