Agenda 21... American Representative to the UN Calls for Worldwide Depopulation!!!... Sustainable Development!



Roger Dittman, an emeritus professor of physics at California State University, believes that Agenda 21 policies should be implemented in the United States. Dittman is the American representative to the UN. Susanne Posel

In his 2004 talk entitled "Sustainable Development, the New International Scientific Order, and UN Reform", Dittman defines sustainable development in a unique way. He states:

Economic (and other) development that leads to reduction in population toward an optimum level for maximization of the quality of life, i.e. environmentally benign development that reduces the birth rate.

Dittman's professional history includes, among other notations, his affiliation with UNESCO.

UNESCO, in 1974, was integral in using clever mind-control and brainwashing techniques in all facets of societal controls; including mass media, public and private school programs to steer the public perception about depopulation.

By the hand of the then Director General of UNESCO, Rene Maheu, popularized the scientific dictatorship with a speech at a dinner for the International Coordinating Council of Man and the Biosphere Programme in Williamsberg.

The rationale behind the MAB (Man and the Biosphere) programme is to ensure that the physical, biological and other environmental requirements of man are placed in the hands of each of us (present) and remain under our overall control.

Maheu asserts that the planet will be destroyed unless "a collective effort planned, organized and executed by the international community acting in concert."

This "international community" he references is the UN. He goes on to say, "I wish to reiterate my firm conviction - together with my hope - that a new world order - political, monetary, economic and social- should now be established."

Dittman believes that in order to bring about the events necessary for depopulation, there must be a global governance to oversee all directives and make sure they are carried out. "Since this is a global effort, it requires global organization, both governmental and popular."

Under the rule of an "international scientific order" Dittman asserts that "not only do people require organization about their (multiple) identities (including professional, scholarly, and scientific), they need international, even supranational affiliation, facing a common adversary."


Susanne Posel - May 4, 2012 - ActivistPost


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