Moving to Mars (not verified) | Fri, 09/24/2010 - 10:06pm

We all know that are system is really F up but I did not know that it went this deep.

I be leave the people will over come the ternary at a great cost of many.

On your site you say the people need to know about this and we need to do something about it

I would say if all this is true 99% of the people would stand with arms and target those who did this to us.

Why can't the people have these Bankers And All in voled arrested as teariest .

There should not be a problem do to the damage and life's they have Cost to this country

The cop's can do it to any of us now and hold you for as long as they want. For no reason

So I ask why can't this be done to them?

What Can we do now that would put a stop to this?

And to those who say I don't understand the Americans letting this happen to them they have gone soft.

I can tell you right now cross the line and you will see how soft we are.

Why the people keep going on with there daily life's .We all work hard for what we have and don't want to loose it
We don't want are kids taken from us and given to the state with B.S charges on you.

your house taken from you for some B.S. reason your Money pulled from your account while they do there investigation on how you earned it and keep it tied up out of your reach. The Court system is as bad as the rest of Government the power has gone to there head, The D.A is not after justice they just want to win. So what has this done? you can't trust the all the other agencies, there's drug abuse programs all it dose it keep those people in the system and take what little money they have away . CSD talk about scams. ran by ugly lesbians with all the power in the world. $99 mil profit last year in this state a lone.they don't need any proof to take yours kids or kick you out of your house. more name they get the higher fed grant and the ones who are getting abused are the people by this scam.

Don't get me wrong there needs to be some type of program to help the kids but it needs to be regulated with out the power giving to these idiots . I seen and heard how they have destroyed more family's then they have ever help.

The police Most of them are on a big time power trip.

what ever happen to the day that if you were pulled over and depending on the reason you would get a warning.they don't ser & protect They have turner it in to a business of writing tickets for dollar amounts that takes a person a year or more to pay it off .And they seam to target kids the ones on your Ins. policy so it cost you in many ways.

And you try to fight it in court. they won't listen to you in less you have a layer. And court appointed Atty.Are a joke they work for the state, that is just to name a few reasons why we can't do something about it now and that is just dealing with County And State.

And the shame about it.

It will have to run its course until enough people has felt the effects and have lost all.

And it will happen

It is getting close if the number are correct I heard in the amount of people that have lost there homes . (OVER ONE MILL and going up daily) And the so called fed help with the banks so people won't loose there home. Another Joke A buddy lost his job of 18 years so he took the only job that he had a chance to get and he makes half of what he was making and he went to the bank to see if they could low the payments until things start getting better. The bank would not even try to help. This I don't understand he owe's around a $100.000 so the house will go up for auction it's very old the only value is the lot it's sitting on it may sell for $35.000 if there lucky my buddy said he will file bankruptcy on the Balance .So how is this good business from the Bank. it won't take many more before people will snap.

Going back through what I just wrote you would think I was talking about Russia. That's not good.

Dirty pool is played

Be cause I have experience it first hand .

My son was restoring a car in my fence in back yard the only way it could be seen would be by plane or stand on a bucket and look over the fence. I received a violation notice for this car. by city counsel it stated that I have to get rid of the car or build a shop to put it in.

You can stick that violation up your ass I bought and paid for this house I pay the taxes you can even see it in less you invade my privacy buy looking over the fence.

The out come was they can take my house if i did not cup ply . This was just city counsel .

What do you think it would be like with state or fed government.

And while I'm venting Here More BS that has taken place in this town . This was a nice country town of a pop of 3500 Well the ones in state & county office that are supposed to protect us . Sold out to contractors and allowed over 2500 homes to be built here in a town that the state sent us letters 10 years ago that said the water system for this town is old and out dated and under size with traces of lead in the water from the old lead ring seals. The system never was up dated .

so they build 2500 homes range from $ 300.000.00 to 3/4 of a mill.

, Now the water system can't supply all the homes so they start pumping from some old wells that have arsenic in the water and the water dept. send out BS letters warning us about it.And they have the nerve to put in the letter ( the levels aren't harmful in less over long time uses it can cause cancer.)

and the city said we need to put in a water treatment plant at the cost of 22 mil so it gets built and they raised are water bill to $125 per mo.for the next 20 years and here's the best part the treatment plant is only supplying the water to the new homes across the freeway they range from a half mill and up. they are still giving us the Poisson well water and have no planes on pluming the treatment plant water over to the home on this side of the freeway We have to pay for there clean heath water. The part of this, That is so stupid be side all of it.

There are three lakes with in 15 Min's from this town.And are great Government can't even supply water to this town
You wonder why people go postal..

Why didn't the contractor have to pay for this treatment plant senses the water is only supplying the homes that he built and sold?

How can they get away with this? But they do because know one in the government will look in to it In fact the state water board called a Friend of mine buy mistake because his number ends with 4454 and the towns water treatment plant ends 4445 and the state left a message on his recorder stating the the new treatment plant water did not pass again still has deposits of copper and arsenic so the best thing to do is just pay the fine and let it go.

So my buddy took this tape to city counsel and nothing was done so he took it to the news paper and nothing was done so he took it to the DA and they took a copy of the tape and nothing was none.

This should tell you how much are Government is protecting us. This was a lot of under hand pay off's from the city members to county and state. So when this type on shit takes place and no one will help in the State.Proves you can't relied on them you can't trust them and that is the start of there Fall

They don't give a dam about you

they are only concerned what they take from you .

This is not living in freedom And I'm totally disused with the Government.

And this is what is done to there own people.

So the hate the rest of the world has at the USA makes a person wonder what has are Government done to them.



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