Anonymous (not verified) | Sun, 01/03/2010 - 12:50am

I believe that the H1N1 shot is completely SAFE. I have had the shot now for 2 months, im 15, and my 3 cousins, 5 7 and 9, we are all perfectly fine. I have had no side effects or complications from it at all. I have never it being forced on anyone besides medical and military personal, which i understand. I don't think anyone should be scared to get the shot, but it is their choice whether to get it or not. My mom did not want me to get the shot but i wanted to and she finally let me, but she made sure I did a little research. I plan on becoming a officer in the Army and figured that either I can get it now or when I join. So I got it now and get one less shot later in life and save the trouble. But the shot is SAFE and effective.


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