Anonymous | Sun, 11/25/2012 - 5:15pm

The vaccine is neither safe nor effective, as the swine vaccine is extremely rare, and the vaccine is at most and your logic implies that the military won't immunize you again, which can actually increase your chances of a negative immune response, leading to chronic fatigue and immune disfunction later in life. They aren't going to look at your shot records when you join the military, they are simply going to immunize you for everything regardless of what your records say prior. This is due process. Ergo, even if you feel it is perfectly safe to be injected with aborted fetus materials from humans and pigs, and at 15, I really do trust your years of experience in medical research on such matters, you might want to consider changing your logic on exposure, as, when they line you up and plug you with the pneumatic gun, there will be no exclusions.


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