Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore's new movie SiCKO asks his fellow Americans "What is wrong with us?" Moore shows that U.S. health care ranks last among developed nations despite costing more per person than any other health system in the world. ~ Documentary

Moore seeks answers in Canada, Great Britain, and France, where all citizens receive free medical care. Finally, Moore gathers a group of 9/11 heroes rescue workers now suffering from debilitating illnesses, unable to receive help at home, and takes them to a most unexpected place where they receive the tender care unavailable in the richest nation on earth.

In "Sicko", Moore turns his camera on the health care industry. Or, as he has said in a number of interviews, the lack of such. He talks to a number of people about their problems.

One woman shows pictures of her car after an accident. Then, we see the bill and learn the insurance company denied her claim for an ambulance because it wasn't pre-approved. As she comments "When was I supposed to have it pre-approved? After I regained consciousness but before they put me on the ambulance." There are a number of stories like this and they are heartbreaking.

Sicko is not a movie about the 50 million Americans walking around without health insurance. Sicko is a movie about the other 250 million of us who have insurance, but are just as well and truly screwed. It's also about freedom, real freedom, not the empty kind that gets thrown around as a buzzword; the freedom to live your life with the certainty that forces beyond your control won't take away everything you have and everything you are.

We don't have that kind of freedom here in America, and Moore's film makes that point by simply talking to real people. They're your neighbors, your friends, your parents, some of them are even 9/11 heroes.

Moore uses his camera to let them tell their stories of insurance company mistreatment and in the process paints a complete picture of a corrupt and fatally flawed system which isn't just killing people but taking away their dignity and their liberty.




Time - 2:03:12


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 10:30am.


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