Constitutional, student of Law (not verified) | Sun, 08/01/2010 - 10:43pm

The curiosities surrounding the Dick Act implications speak to the question of asserted LEGALITY of the:

"Northern Command"(google and learn, in re Hosea 4-6 "My people parrish, for a lack of KNOWLEDGE!"

The "Northern Command" is a Posse Commitatus, CONjugator created Force to be acvtivated in case of National Emergency to "preserve the Publick SAFTEY, and preserve the Publick Health, under the pretense of the Dept. Homeland Security,Janet Napolitano) and the D.Health and Human Service(Cathleen Sebellius)set up to Put BOOTS on the NECKS of Americans(To Keep them SAFE like Avatar's protection and saving the "indigenous Peoples{That's We THE PEOPLE folks!}

Be vewy vewy carefull the Those CRAFTY satesmen are vewy vewy Clever as YOU may have Noticed the ASSIMILATION of ALL POWERS of Government(in explicit abrogation of the Mandated Separations provide for pursuant to: the Constitution 1789!

It seems that an insidious, subversive cabal of Canaanite conjugators CRAFTed a NEW type of LAW in the Late 1800's
under an ANCIENT secret mystic Cult of: Baal worshippers(combine Cain and Baal to get Cannibal)Baal's consort: Ashtoreth{Lilith}conceived of the hideous practice of CHILD SACRIFICE and Lesbianism/Homosexuality).

Their NEW LAW: "jus fetiale"(Blacks 6th pg695)fatal Law in International Law(note: O'bama is an Internationlist) and CONjured,(as to call up an EVIL SATANIC spirit,
(hence CON-SPIRIT-ors)up the "jus publicum" (Blacks 6th, pg"696")read:

Public LAW 1. Roman & civil Law. The "public law of crimes", of "officers of the PRIESTHOOD"(what priesthood?),

and of the "status" of persons (as "standing in re; tribunal/court, under the religion of SATAN"!)

2. the RIGHT, title, or dominion of "public ownership"; esp. the "government's" right to own "real property" for the "public benefit"! as opposed to jus privatum / (private Law).

You may properly NOTE: this "NEW" as not existent in the "jus naturale"; natural LAW of the Creator of the Universe YhwH, or the Constitution 1789 is frequently asserted in error? (or FICTION of what is but "termed" law)
as: "ADMINISTRATIVE"(management)or Statutory Law, of the sovereign nation states of the Union, on the Continent of America. Constitutionally speaking; your standing and imparticular, your "Citizenship," is "MONUMENTALLY" important, as you read and apply the Constitution to your STATE or NATION! May I humbly suggest: "Not my" for your personal edification!

May the true GOD of Israel; Yhwh, Save, Bless and Protect this new Jeruselum, from the EVIL cabal of the BLACK Robed Cult of Baal worhsipers and their coCONsprirtors: masonic attorneys, lawyers and other CORRUPT Politicos and Officios acting as Christians and Israelly Jews; but whom are in fact: of the "13th Tribe," of BABBYLon whom posed as Jews, but in truth are the Canaanites,the cursed of GOD, sons and worhipers of the DEVIL and as the "Father of Masonry in America" Albert Pike, author of "Morals an Dogma' the SELF professed: "GRAND PONTIFF of SATAN", AHMEM

Oh and by the way I am pretty sure thet the Presidentium of the Polit Beareau and subversive imposter in Chief is a member in good satanding of the Prince Albert Hall of the Masonic Order, whom knows? May be he too is a Grand Pontiff in fact and at Law and therefor; Highky Treasonous?


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