Patrick (not verified) | Sun, 05/23/2010 - 6:12pm

Isn't it typical of the left, the far left, and the extreme left to write "anonymously". Too scared to do anything except parrot something they have heard and have never researched and no nothing about, and never intend to know anything about. Poor souls!

You, Mr. Anonymous, forget that Americans were given inalienable rights granted by God, not our government. Our government, in its founding, recognized these inalienable rights and so wrote that down for all to read. It is only the left, BY THE EVIDENCE, that tries endlessly to strip this nation of those rights. I agree with Dave (target of Mr. Anonymous!), "(paraphrase)...who cares what laws are passed, our rights in gun ownership and self protection are what they are, inalienable. It is the law that is illegal."
Now if we want to discuss who is bound to obey what law, let's take a close look at the current US Government and see that our President, called so by some, and the idiot who heads our Homeland Security, J. Napolitano, are not only turning their backs on their sworn oath to uphold the immigration laws, they are working actively against the states who are doing nothing more than calling them out for not performing their duties as sworn public servants. That, folks , is the real crime! Mr. Anonymous, get a life ... preferably somewhere else!


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