JOSEPH LYNN LARSON (not verified) | Sat, 02/20/2010 - 7:18pm

It does not make sense to lock your gun in a safe to insure it does not get stolen. If you are going on a vacation, maybe, but if you are at home and someone enters your home to do you harm, well the harm will be done before you get that safe open. This is why the law on the books in WY. IS SOOO IMPORTANT. Like Alaska and Virgina it gives the citizen the right to carry concealed without applying to the Feds for a permit. If you are qualified to have a gun at all you are allowed concealed carry, "if this law passes". ALSO, THERE IS A STIFF PENALTY FOR ANY STATE, COUNTY OR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY TO TRY TO APPLY FEDERAL STATUTES TO CITIZENS WHO CARRY CONCEALED... NO AGENT OF THE FED OR STATE HAVE THE RIGHT TO ENTER YOUR HOME WITHOUT A WARRANT AND IF THEY ATTEMPT THIS YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE FORCE TO KEEP THEM OUT. Remember to match force for force, if they knock and ask, tell them no, DO NOT PULL OUT A GUN AND SHOOT THEM.


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