voluntaryist (not verified) | Wed, 07/22/2009 - 12:24pm

All rights are absolute and personal. Adding these adjectives is redundant. We don't have rights AND amendment rights, we just have rights, however, some are mentioned in amendments. "The U.S. Constitution and the bill of rights"? Redundant. The BOR was an after thought but it was added before the document was ratified. "...cannot be repealed...would be a yet another gross violation"? Are you saying that since we have had violations we can't have more? But that is not the main problem. The Constitution contradicts itself. Its sole purpose is to protect rights but it provides for stealing property, e.g., eminent domain and taxation. These fatal flaws are in addition to the mistaken assumption that government(men) will voluntarily limit itself without external force. Those who did not trust government trusted an armed populace to be that external force. Public schools have instilled obedience and servitude. The "land of the free and home of brave" is gone.


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