bob gormley (not verified) | Sat, 07/18/2009 - 12:49pm

Mr Roland is absolutely wrong as He fails to realize The Constitution and Bill of Rights were written right after The American Revolutionary War. At that time there was NO Organized Militia...An able bodied citizenry showed up with their own arms and equipment voluntarily. There has NEVER been any change to The Constitution nor is one allowed regarding the 2nd Amendment and the militia as designated therein. The Dick Act setup an illegal organized "state militia" - the National Guard, illegal under law because the States CANNOT MAINTAIN ANY ARMY!

The 2nd Amendment is what it is, and we know what the Founding Fathers wrote elsewhere in personal and public papers. The recent Supreme Court decision, although verifying the validity of 200 years of interpretation, was nothing but a discussion made to open a can of worms..misinterpretation so as to sneak in more erosion of our rights. Notice the attacks persist even though the Amendment STANDS according to the Court.I am NOT a member of any militia BUT I still believe one thing.. The 2nd Amendment stands and if The US ARMY is not capable due to any reason to repel any invasion of this soil the unorganized citizenry can respond and defend this country for as long as is neccessary till the enemy is defeated or driven from the land.


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