Anarchitek (not verified) | Mon, 03/24/2014 - 7:19pm

You're well inside the Twilight Zone! You've left reality in the rear-view mirror, and cannot find your way back! Get over reality. Guns are an extension of your dick! If it's too small, it's TOO SMALL! Having a BIG gun, or a HUNDRED guns, will NOT make up for it! The Constitution treats the QUESTION Of "gun rights" AS a function of a WELL-REGULATED Militia! NOT as a "God-given right", inviolable and sacrosanct like O'Leary's cow! There are TOO MANY lunatics running around, exercising their WANNABE Clint Eastwood personas, making life DANGEROUS for the REST of us! In the LATE 1800's, men began taking OFF their guns, and putting them aside, because they were NOT needed, any longer. There were NO Indians, no gangs of outlaws, no threats to hearth and home. Things have NOT changed that much, in 100+ years! The BIGGEST problem is there are NO JOBS, and DESPERATE MEN will do something, anything, to put food on the table. So, yes, they DO "home invasions"--NOT to ordinary homes, or average homes, BUT to WEALTHY homes, or DRUG-MONEY-rich homes. IF you are NOT one of those, you have nearly NOTHING to worry about. IF you ARE one of those, you ASKED for what happens! If you think people OUGHT to work for you, for sh*t-wages, then, sorry, Charlie, you and your money are NOT long for this world--NOR should they be! IF you're selling drugs, I have NO SYMPATHY, for you KEEPING you ill-gotten gains! You and the a**hole rich guy can get together, and map out a "Defense Plan"--for all the good it will do you. It's just a matter of time, before you find out, there is NO SUCH THING as "enough ammunition"! Veterans of firefights in 'Nam, Korea, and Afghanistan KNOW what that means. You might think you can survive it, but reality is another story! Time to come to Jesus!


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