Kahoneez (not verified) | Fri, 05/15/2009 - 3:40pm

In my opinion , we must figure out a way of getting this info into the mainstream news media , bcs we know alternative points of view are not allowed and we can't rely on internet geeks alone to discover the truth about the globalist and obama , in particular .
So far , critics of obama for example are framed as only right wing tea bag types and the complicit media is ignoring progressive fighters and defenders of the Constitution .
We need to use our imaginations , in how we can get the retired farmer in Iowa informed , the latte server in Denver informed and how we can force the news to report certain issues .
Creating alternative media is never enough , when most people get their news from CNN , CBS etc etc , we must create a news story that forces them to report and include issues such as the Globalist agenda , the bilderbergs , "mandatory " volunteerism , etc. etc.


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