Anonymous (not verified) | Wed, 02/10/2010 - 12:49pm

After reading your comment I feel that I should reply. Although everything that I read is not to be believed, Orwell had great insight into the future as we see the ideologies and scenarios presented in his book 1984 coming to life today. George Orwell’s 1984 combined with the prophecies in the book “Revelation”, as seen from my perspective, unfold a grievous picture of our immediate future. I don’t think that we can out run this system individually or as a consolidated effort from the masses. If we stand up and fight for our freedoms, at most we might slow the beast down a little. Thus, retaliations from the system towards our upraising would streamline even more violence and suppression of our freedoms. There seems to be a timeline that must be followed in a very precise manner. This is not a very pretty picture as you will see if you were to read Revelation.

Don’t give in to the beast system. This might be difficult to understand so I’ll try to explain it here. Throughout the Bible, it is said that the “worldly” ways are the ways of evil and of Satan. Well, where we are living today is called the End Time. Control of the world is progressively shifting to a one single power and this power is to be taken over by Satan himself. The beast’s world system will be set up to control all aspects of life to ultimately gain possession of your soul. As we approach the time period known as the Great Tribulation period, the later 7 year segment of the End Time, we are seeing events taking place rapidly in everyday news. This accelerated display of events is nothing more than the incorporated effort to bring the various entities of the beast’s world system into consortium. The puppet masters behind the scenes are well aware that they are entering this time period set up by God himself and realize that their time to rain is limited. They are manipulating the strings of each of the marionette leaders of the world to harbor ultimate total control as this will prevent the Lord from returning.

They have a goal. They will try to defeat God and conquer all living souls giving absolute power to the beast. So what we see taking place before our very eyes is actually a war for your soul; nothing less, nothing more. By giving in to the system, you will ultimately surrender your soul by taking a mark in you left hand or in your forehead in order to be able buy food and to sell. If the beast gains total compliance, he thinks that he will win the fight against God and will retain the earth as his kingdom and sit on the thrown as God.

Think about it… isn’t this what we are seeing? I have much to say about this topic and will respond back to you if you wish.


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