Robert Singer (not verified) | Mon, 12/22/2008 - 8:01am

Those of you playing a drinking game.. Oil Palm Tree

They Call It "Pharming" And It's Phrightening!

Biofuels are often blamed for 85% of corn price increases since 2002. Even Congress is growing weary of the corn/ethanol inflation.
Why were we on this road in the first place?
It would seem an easy road to avoid, considering over 140% more energy-mostly high value oil and natural gas, is expended to produce a gallon of corn ethanol than is in the ethanol itself. In 2007, 20% of the U.S. corn crop was converted into 6 billion gallons of ethanol-to replace only 1% of U.S. oil consumption.
President Bush 43 - known for his insight into our energy problems (We need an energy bill that encourages consumption), on April 29, 2008 told reporters at the Rose Garden "the solution now is to make ethanol out of switchgrasses or wood chips." Later in that same speech he said, "'s in our national interest that our farmers grow energy." Really? I thought that's what our food supply was supposed to provide-energy for our bodies to survive.
Switchgrass and growing energy is not a solution to our energy and global warming problems. They worsen Global Warming and are a Trojan Horse for Genetic Modified Organisms (GMOs), promising not only whole new markets for biotech products, but the irreversible entrenchment of genetically modified crops throughout the world. read the rest of the article at KnowTheLies


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