Paul Magill Smith (not verified) | Sat, 04/11/2009 - 3:35am

I've seen enough evidence, but this documentary has intense social appeal on several levels. Easy to watch because well filmed & edited, it presents incontrovertable evidence of wrongdoing that could originate from several sources. Collusion among several entities is indicated. Without an un-biased independent further investigation the issue is moot. This is what is now called for.

With a good portion of the US population, almost everyone is connected to someone on NYC, and the odds still are the people you know were connected to some who died that day. As time proceeds, truth recedes. I watched the sham of the Warren Commission. and the same entities, or their heirs & proteges, continue to manipulate us worldwide to this day. One thing the perpetrators count on is the statute of limitations, but sorry guys, it doesn't apply in this case. The weight of America's majority make the laws, common or otherwise, AND WE CAN CHANGE THEM, TO.

Thanks to Willie, Martin, Michael, and especially the first guy that called the hit in, but beyond all the MC, editors, & courageous camera people & associates making this necessary film available. (Side note: I probably shouldn't get this personal, but I think Danny Bonaduce's Tourette meds need adjusting. Sorry, Danny, I loved you when you were a kid, but selling out [your country for a living] I just can't handle).


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