MuchasVeces (not verified) | Wed, 12/17/2008 - 12:56am

They leave the dirty business at the door, so they can feel free to continue the dirty business after the grove vacation is over. I believe these rumors and all that coincides with them, especially after hearing the lengthy Rusty Nelson story. Anyone who doubts how Bohemian Grove's corrupt, or a simple gentlemens club, are very narrow minded and need to learn to question those of who are in control. There is an extream lack of the question "Are the people with the most Money, Control, and Power going to try to adjust a system that benifits themselves?" hmmmmmmm My best guess, they'll continue to adjust and control to meet they're own greed which in turn will continue to grow the gap between them and the low and middle class. But hey, that's just one 22 year olds opinion. Take it for whatever you believe.



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