Anonymous (not verified) | Fri, 01/29/2010 - 4:43am

It is not just hfcs...its EVERYTHING together...all the junk, garbage people eat...sugars, junk food, carbs, fatty foods..cakes, cookies...anything that is junk....that is what is causing this epidemic. HFCS is only a small part of this society eats, what is being is the worst food you can, burgers, fries...fried foods, sugary foods, fatty desserts and abundance of food and eating...eating is a luxury...people eat out of boredom...they eat, and then eat some more...there is an abundance of food and people take advantage of it....they eat in excess...go to buffets where you are being told to eat more and is so is really necessary to eat 'this much'?? these large mass quantities of not only food but not even real food---just junk...chips, snacks, cakes, cookies... more and more...and more....and nothing really healthy....people dont know how to eat healthy...they dont know much or any better....its sad....they think sushi is healthy then run and grab fried shrimp and cream cheese and tout that as 'health food'...this society has no clue what it's doing....and people are too stupid to know what is good for them or not.....and even doctors and scientists will argue adn claim that aspartame has no true scientific evidence or research of being dangerous! i know b/c my siblings who are doctors have stated this! totally one wakes up to health problems...all they care about is....flavor, cravings....more and's pathetic....HFCS is bad but eliminating it isn't going to solve any problems or cure any....the epidemic will continue and in greater numbers except only under the guise of the next ridiculous sweetener the large corps will create to fool the masses of sweet eating idiots out there who grab at any piece of junk food without a second thought or care to their health, mental health etc...


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