Jonathan | Thu, 02/19/2009 - 6:35pm

Hello Lori,

You'd be surprised what commercially processed foods contain horrible nasty life-threatening chemicals and genetically modified plant materials which our bodies are in constant battle with.  Run down immune system, degredated funtioning of individual organs and ultimately a situation which each failing organ compounds the failure of other organs; result is systemic failure.  We will age and die prematurely because of these nasty little "conveniences" in life.  They will become the most inconvenient of all in the end.

Thank you for providing this true emotion for others to see.  Many people are either in shock or disbelief and can not process the reality that they are finding themselves in.  Your comments will surely help someone.  Yes, please do update us on your personal findings!

In the mean time, we will research plain ol' corn syrup and see what we find.  I do know, that if they are using GMO corn, it will have negative effects on health.

Thank you very much Lori.  Please help spread the truth as far as you can.  This is something that we must ALL stand up together and fight as much as possible.


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