Major Censorship is Happening Right Now!... Facebook is Shutting Down 1,000's of Truthers


I've about had it with outlets that continually lie, manipulate, and abuse the masses for their own gain. Specifically Facebook and countless others working towards the elite agenda with little recourse about the impact they are having on humanity so long as their pockets are filled with money. ~ Lisa Haven - Video

It's time for us Americans to take a stand against such groups and make our voices heard. If we continue to allow these manipulative giants to rule over us then we can kiss our freedoms goodbye.

I for one, won't stand by and let it happen. I will share what they are doing with everyone and anyone willing to listen. I will no longer allow them to rule over me in such a manner that they know every jot and tittle about my life and I believe you feel the same way.


Here is the breaking report...



** If I get banned or this post gets banned from Facebook then every single one of you will know why and also know without a doubt that Facebook is run by government slaves hell-bent on collecting our private data.

That said, if by now you haven't figured out that Facebook is in cahoots with the government, then I feel for you but for those who are well aware of the issues it's high time you readied yourself to switch over to, which will be available this Thursday, December 3rd.

It is a BRAND NEW site that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship crap.

Here are some of the differences you'll find at Seen.Life:

No censorship! Keep in mind they do have a Terms of Service that will need to be followed for things like pornography, copyright violations and defamation. If we receive a complaint, we'll investigate. If you are accustomed to the freewheeling style at Before It's News, we think you'll enjoy

NO ID required. Facebook is now asking certain people for their ID's. That's beyond the pale. You can use whatever name you'd like at Seen and no ID required.

They won't sell your data, in fact we don't even collect it (other than your email so you can receive notifications). It's hosted in Iceland and selling data isn't allowed there. A very good reason to go visit Iceland. A lot of very friendly people there, too.

No limit to your account's friends. If you're popular enough to get over 5,000 friends, we think that's great! More power to you!

Private and secure chat rooms! These are strongly encrypted and there's no snooping.

With the way Facebook is headed it's not going to be a place you want to stay. Sign up and create an account at Seen.Life (Which will be available December 3rd) and get away from this invasive censorship

Alternative To FakeBook:

Up and Coming Site Ready December 3rd:


Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 4.07.47 PM



KnowTheLies.Com has been censored by FaceBook as well! Users worldwide are now unable to repost, link or have access to material on this website.

FaceBook users it's time to take away the power and give FaceBook a dose of their own medicine... delete your account and get away from this spying social media site.

We all need to join together and have a mass exodus away from FaceBook on December 3rd! Let's find an uncensored new home at Seen.Life.
Hope to see you there! ~ SadInAmerica




November 30, 2015 - KnowTheLies


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 11/30/2015 - 10:41am.


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