MANDATORY Vaccinations Are Coming... For EVERYONE!

mandatory vaccinations for everyone

Not to be so doom and gloom, but there is clearly a definite orchestrated push to ensure that vaccinations will be mandatory for everyone in America in our near future. Not just healthcare workers... Not just schoolchildren... Everyone will be expected to get their shots, like it or not. ~ Melissa Dykes - Must see Video

The American Medical Association (read: Rockefeller) just weighed in on the debate, not just voting against personal exemptions, but voting to "mobilize the organization" to persuade our state governments to strip away our medical rights across the country. Via Mother Jones:

At the group's annual meeting in Chicago on Monday, members voted to mobilize the organization in order to persuade state legislatures to eliminate nonmedical reasons for exemption, such as religion, which are used to dodge crucial immunizations against diseases such as measles and whooping cough.
"As evident from the recent measles outbreak at Disneyland, protecting community health in today's mobile society requires that policymakers not permit individuals from opting out of immunization solely as a matter of personal preference or convenience," said board member Dr. Patrice Harris, according to Forbes. "When people are immunized they also help prevent the spread of disease to others."

The article goes on to cite the fact that 117 people got measles at Disneyland last December. Yeah… and?

The article does not mention this figure of 117 is out of the approximately 16 million people who visit Disneyland in a year (or 0.0007% of visitors to the park), nor was it mentioned that of those 117 people, none (that's no one) has died from measles.

California's mandatory vaccine bill has just passed the health committee and is currently on its way to the full assembly for the final vote.

As The Daily Sheeple's Lily Dane reported, "They are not going to allow religious or philosophical/personal belief exemptions to vaccinations any longer if this passes the full assembly."

This totalitarian measure is not limited only to those children who attend public schools, but to attendees of private schools in California as well. Only two other states — West Virginia and Mississippi — have such strict laws in regard to vaccinations.

However, many feel that once California passes this freedom killer, it will cause a domino effect of medical tyranny across the country.

Did I say tyranny? Don't prefer that? How about medical fascism?

Let's be frank, here.

Vaccines, and specifically pediatric vaccinations, are a multi-BILLION-dollar industry. The whole shebang is expected to hit a monstrous $18 billion by 2020. There is too much money at stake here to allow vaccination rates to continue to tumble as they have been in recent years.

That's because lots of parents are starting to question vaccines considering the fact that we live in a country with the most aggressive vaccination schedule in the whole world even though we are by far not the healthiest country — not in infant mortality, mortality to age five, or even just in general. Not by far.

We also have skyrocketing autism rates here in the U.S. Skyrocketing. While some like to argue correlation does not equal causation on the whole vaccines/autism debate, considering...

A) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has never once done even the most basic scientific study comparing the rates of autism in vaccinated children to non-vaccinated children, and

B) the government has paid out some $3 Billion to vaccine-injured Americans since 1989, more and more parents are choosing to opt-out of potentially damaging their child's brain forever versus the risk they might get something like chickenpox or measles instead (which, before the advent of pricey vaccines and PR, were magically a lot less deadly than they are portrayed by Big Pharma and the mainstream media today).

Beyond that, herd immunity, the supposed logic behind taking away people's medical freedom in respect to vaccines, has already been thoroughly debunked a number of times.

The bottom line is that we are no longer the "land of the free" here in America. We are being stripped of our rights every time we turn around. Heck, even the Third Amendment is basically dead now.

In addition, the Obama Administration has been plotting mandatory adult vaccinations as well. Goals of the government's new "National Adult Immunization Plan" (NAIP) include propaganda to "increase community demand for adult immunizations."

Gee, strategies on that front don't include scaremongering and media-driven witchhunts like this recent measles outbreak did, you think?

Just in the state of Texas alone, nine bills have been proposed in the way of medical tyranny, the least of which is stripping people of conscientious objections to vaccination.

This includes automatically enrolling every Texan into a vaccination tracking database, completely stripping everyone in the state of the right to opt-out (right now its voluntary).

Considering that Obamacare was created behind closed doors via the collusion of big business, special interests, and our government, and considering there are literally billions of dollars at stake, it doesn't take a crystal ball to see where all this medical fascism and the stripping away of patient's rights in regard to vaccines is not only coming from, but exactly where it is headed.



In this special double episode of Truthstream News, Aaron and Melissa take on the CDC whistleblower and MMR-autism scandal (and that's just for starters) — exposing the lies and obfuscations that have hurt untold numbers.

Recently released audio of the good doc has now been leaked where he says he would NEVER shoot his pregnant wife up with a thimerosal-containing vaccine.

It's shameful, but that's just the icing on the vaccine cake. The evidence that the CDC "hid the decline" of skyrocketing autism rates in connection with a vaccine is just the beginning.

Did you know the government's health agencies never even tested thimerosal, the 50% ethylmercury preservative shot into thousands of children daily for decades and still given to pregnant women in the form of a flu shot? In fact, the CDC says some vaccines given to children still contain trace amounts...

There is evidence that the chicken pox vaccine has caused more cases of shingles — a much more dangerous, painful and debilitating condition — while the HPV and flu vaccines are just the latest to put corporate profits and insider connections above human health and vaccine safety.

In the "Olds," we take a startling look at the SV40 contamination of the polio vaccine — a massive and deeply unsettling scandal of immense proportions that may have caused cancer in tens or even hundreds of millions of people!

From potentially dangerous ingredients to undisclosed Big Pharma ties and more, this episode will change the way you look at vaccine "science" and leave you with questions that the government won't soon answer but that we need to keep asking until they do!

Thank you for viewing! Please help to spread this video and others like it within your social media reach, or please consider donating  HERE


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