Anonymous (not verified) | Sun, 11/15/2015 - 10:42pm

Owens has posted this story and several other versions of it all over the internet. The problem is that there are many inconsistencies in her stories but the biggest discrepancy is that she and President Obama are the same age and yet she tries to claim the picture that was taken of him with his siter, Maya, at his high school graduation in Hawaii, is actually her. The little girl in the picture is clearly many years younger than Obama. She also has dark brown eyes while Nancy Owens has hazel eyes according to her driver's license (she posted it on her website to allegedly prove something about Reagan's shooting)

Nancy also talks about her having done the short form while someone else did the long form. In 1985, Hawaii did not use a short form b.c., they only had one b.c. and it was the long form. The short form version wasn't used until 2001. It's impossible for her to claim knowledge of something that didn't exist for 16 years after she said she used it. When questioned about these discrepancies, she doesn't say a word. She ignores them because she knows there is no answer that would explain her lies. These are just a couple of them. If you've listened to more than one or two of her stories, it's easy to catch them.

Why does she do this? Her own family has said she is an attention seeker and although they have asked her to stop this nonsense, she won't. Even worse, she drags them into her stories. There are many people she has claimed to have killed that are still walking around alive and well. Her excuse? Body doubles! According to NRO, our government has body doubles for everyone!

She has quite the imagination. Too bad she didn't do something more productive with it, she might have been a good novelist, as long as she kept all the sick, twisted crap out of her fairy tales.


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