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Americans Renounce US Citizenship to Pursue Destiny in Russia



Americans in record numbers are doing what was once considered unthinkable - renouncing their US citizenship. In numerical terms, at least 1,788 Americans officially gave up their US citizenship in 2011 - more than the combined totals from 2007, 2008 and 2009 - and 2012 promises to be another record breaking year, with 461 Americans already taking this action in the first quarter of the year, according to US Treasury Department figures.

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Were You Born Between 1946 and 1964?... ALL Baby Boomers in the Crosshairs!... CDC Wants to Vaccinate Them to Death!



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has drafted a recommendation that ALL Baby Boomers (people born between 1945 and 1964)1. be tested for the hepatitis C virus and subsequently vaccinated. ~ Susanne Posel

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Kyle Becker's 1,001 Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama...



Kyle Becker did a super job listing his first 100 of 1001 reasons for Obama supporters to vote for him again... I can't think of one president who has actually achieved 'so much' so soon! This is part one of a ten part series... Thanks Kyle! ~ SadInAmerica

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AGENDA 21?... Feds Threaten Summer Concerts by Seizing Guitars



Lawmakers are scrambling to save the summer concert season from federal agents poised to seize the instruments of rock and country stars because the wood used to make them may have been illegally harvested.

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'The National Defense Authorization Act Is An Authorization For War With Iran'! - Dennis Kucinich



Dennis Kucinich breaks down language of section hidden in NDAA authorizing war with Iran based on 'nothing', no proof of nuclear weapon building. ~ Video

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