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Who Is Alex Jones? Is He On The Assassination Hit List?



The saying "The bigger they are, the harder they fall" is definitely true in respect to Alex Jones after recent revelations linking him to Israeli STRATFOR.

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The History of Mother's Day...




From Know The Lies

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Wall Street Drives Up Gas Prices... Ripping Us Off and Killing Jobs



Next time you fill up your tank, remember that $10 to $25 is going right from your pocket to the financial sector. Gasoline prices have been falling in recent weeks, but they're still close to their five-year high after climbing steeply for three years. ~ Les Leopold

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Pennsylvania... The Fracking Industry Keeps Its Dirty Secrets By Silencing Communities... Doctors Demand Data



Many homeowners unknowingly sign nondisclosure agreements that prevent researchers from gathering data on the health and environmental impacts of fracking. The "Rogers" family signed a surface-use agreement with a fracking company in 2009 to close their 300-acre dairy farm in rural Pennsylvania. ~      Mike Ludwig

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Pennsylvania... Forced Exodus From Shale Drilling Areas... (A Wasteland In The Making... A Land Grab By Design!... Agenda 21!)



Some of the most vital, communicative Pennsylvanians I personally know, from as far west as Butler County and as far northeast as Susquehanna County, are being pushed into an exodus, attempting to move away from beloved homes that have become unbearable due to gas drilling. ~ Iris Marie Bloom ~ Related articles

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A Mother's Day Letter to Michelle Obama... From Josh Fox's Mother



Dear Mrs. Obama...  We are mothers from all walks of life writing to you about an urgent matter: the healththreats to our children posed by extreme forms of fossil fuel extraction, in particular, the process of drilling oil and natural gas using high-volume, hydraulic fracturing, known as "fracking." Sign letter - Watch Gasland

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