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US Supreme Court - 'Citizens Must be Permitted to Use Handguns for Self-Defense...Treaties Do Not Supercede Second Amendment!'



One of the reasons Democrats, leftists and avowed Marxists so easily steal away our rights in this country is because "we the people" have grown largely ignorant of the rights that are ours to begin with... and many of those who know our rights only know them abstractly. ~ AWR Hawkins

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More Chilling Revelations in the U.S. Army Re-Education Manual



Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs director Tiffany Wood has provided the first official response to the shocking U.S. Army document that outlines the implementation of re-education camps, admitting that the manual was "not intended for public release" and claiming that its provisions only apply outside the United States, a contention completely disproved by the language contained in the document itself. ~ Video

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Bush Found GUILTY Of War Crimes!



Kuala Lumpur -- IT'S OFFICIAL - George W Bush is a war criminal! In what is the first ever conviction of its kind anywhere in the world, the former US President and seven key members of his administration were today (Friday) found guilty of war crimes. ~ Yvonne Ridley

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Who Really Runs the World? Part I


... at the end of Kali Yuga?... Before we can answer that question, it's important to first establish the "ground rules of the age" that have existed since time immemorial on Planet Earth.

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Global Control Matrix Revealed - Who Really Runs the World? Part II


Isn't it amazing that in 2012 the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Rothchilds have literally become household words?! Virtually any website that is not considered mainstream media (MSM) may have at least one reference to one of these mysterious entities which comprise the Global Control Matrix.

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Taxpayer Dollars To The Tune of $3.6 MILLION Is Being Wasted To Support The Lavish Lifestyles Of Former Presidents!... WHY???



You are not going to believe how much money is being spent on our former presidents.  At a time when U.S. government spending is wildly out of control, a total of 3.6 million dollars is being used to support the lavish lifestyles of former presidents such as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in 2012!  For 2013, the plan is to increase that amount to 3.7 million dollars!  Do any of them really need this kind of welfare? ~ My2Cents 

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2012 Secret Revealed... Mass Bio-Terror Pandemic By Dec. 21, 2012



The Bio-Terror Bible ultimately connects the dots of an upcoming false-flag bio-terror attack and subsequent pandemic through the lens of over 1,000 data points of news and information in the spectrum of bio-terrorism. ~ Free EBook

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The Storm Is Coming... FEMA Camps And Gun Grabbing Troops!



A shocking U.S. Army manual that describes how "political activists," including American citizens, are to be indoctrinated in re-education camps also includes rules on forced labor and separating political prisoners by confining them in isolation. ~ Related article - Videos

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'FEMA Coffins' Being Moved Northbound On Georgia Highway May 8, 2012... Are They Being Transferred To Chicago?



When the driver of this truck noticed the photographer taking pictures, he immediately pulled off of the highway... ~ Video

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Romney to Ron Paul... 'Get Out Of The Race OR ELSE'!!!



Is Romney getting desparate wanting Ron Paul to drop out of the race? ~ Video

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CNN... 'Entire Outfit of Al-Qaeda Terrorists Are Planning Attacks Against US'



CNN warns an entire outfit of Al-Qaeda terrorist are planning to conduct attacks on US soil using sophisticated high-tech bombs undetectable by security systems. ~ Video

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