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Insider Warns Family Of EMP Strike On U.S. This Year


I don't say this lightly. It shocked me as well when I heard it. This information came to me in a very synchronistic way, as is so often the case. No anonymous phone call. No dark suited stranger whispering at a street corner. It came out in a conversation with a young man managing a cool store who turned out to be a research enthusiast. ~ Zen Gardner

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Russians to Build FEMA Camps For Americans On Alaska Islands?


"The Obama Administration is reportedly giving away Wrangell, Bennett, Jeannette and Henrietta islands in Alaska to Russia. The Federal government drew the line to put these seven Alaskan islands on the Russian side..." ~
Pamela Rae Schuffert -  related articles

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Agenda 21... The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda



While the global elite construct underground bunkers, eat organic and hoard seeds in Arctic vaults, the global poor are being slowly starved thanks to high commodity prices and poisoned with genetically modified (GMO) food. (Excerpted from Chapter 13: USS Persian Gulf: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf…)

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China Condemns U.S. Gun Ownership As... Human Rights Violation?



A report issued by the State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China has included U.S. gun ownership among a list of  human rights violations, Law Enforcement Examiner Jim Kouri reported yesterday. ~
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Agenda 21... Beware Of An Upcoming Barack Obama Executive Order!



Just when you thought that nothing new from socialist Obama could shock you; he again makes a move towards the Left. This time, he has embraced the advances towards a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

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New Big Brother Cyber Weapon Can Turn on Your Computer's Microphone, Take Screen Shots, Copy Data, Record Communications



To the disbelief of many of our readers, in a 2011 report titled Everything You Do Is Monitored, we noted that microphones and cameras on cell phones and computers allow interested parties (translated to mean your respective government) to hear and see everything going on in the direct vicinity of the device without the knowledge of its owner. ~ Mac Salvo

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German Plan for World Government Revealed in 1943 Book



The man who arranged for Hitler to become Chancellor of Germany, Von Papen (r), had also written about the possibility of a "European Federation" under strict German control with Berlin as its glorious Axis mundi.

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Eugenicists Find a Gene to Render Men Infertile... Funded by Foundations Known to Support the Depopulation Agenda



Researchers at the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh are working hard to decipher a male contraceptive pill. There appears to be a need to render men "voluntarily" infertile, as these scientists uncover the gene Katnal1, which is an imperative during the final stages of producing sperm. ~ Susanne Posel

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Rockefeller and Rothschild Banking Dynasties Merge



Two of the most glamorous names in global finance are linking up, with the Rothschild banking dynasty agreeing to buy a stake in the Rockefeller group's wealth and asset management business to get a long-sought foothold in the United States, Reuters reported.

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Farm Bill and Ethanol Fuels Mandates DEMANDS Consumer Revolt!



The Farm Bill and Ethanol Mandates are two fingers on the same hand. Both have the effect of radically elevating food prices by different paths. Both programs are now being quietly debated in Congress. Only the lobbyists are being heard.
You are not! ~ Charles E Carlson

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Concrete Evidence... US Government Nuked New York City on 9/11



What really happened on 9/11? The story of the century isn't about the hijackings of US commercial airlines, it is about the US government using thermal nuclear bombs against another civilian city, for the third and fourth time. This time the 2 nuclear bombings were treasonous - against the US people and on US soil. ~ This is an excellent MUST READ article by Paul Kincaid! - See Videos - Photos

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USA Prepares Open Intervention of Mexican Elections?



The closer the presidential elections in Mexico, the more brazen is the campaign on television and in the media, designed to convince voters that the polls by a wide margin are led by the new protégé of the U.S. State Department, Enrique Peña Nieto.

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Was the Strange Death of Obama's Grandmother 'Planned'?...



Did Obama murder his grandmother, Toot, who held a deep dark secret that would have crushed his candidacy--the fact that both she and his grandfather were Communists that had been investigated by the House UnAmerican Committee. ~ Videos - photos

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The Inventor of the Ouija Board...



Elijah Jefferson Bond was a lawyer and an inventor (aren't those two always associated?) He invented many things, but was best known for the patent of the Ouija Board May 28, 1890. ~ Video

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The Torch Has Been Passed On To Us... Bob Chapman Is Ill... Jim Tucker Is Old... It's Now Up To Us To Defeat The New World Order



When I was listening to John Stadmiller's show on Republic Broadcasting Network May 22, 2012 breaking the news to his audience about a frequent guest who has been on his show on every Tuesday and on Alex Jones's show every Friday for years. ~ Realman2020

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Thyroid Cancer Linked to Fluoride and Radiation



The modern-day world we live in is an amazing place. People share many modern conveniences such as electricity, running water, cable TV and more... Many of today's products produced worldwide are constructed from aluminum or utilize aluminum parts (such as Coke/Pepsi cans [for example], automotive parts, aluminum foil, and so on. ~ Shepard Ambellas

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"It Would Be Impossible to Disarm the People of This Country"... James Rawles


How likely is it that we will actually experience a disaster that brings down our national power grid?... Will the government seize all guns in the United States?... Mac Slavo - article - Audio - Listen to Part 2 of 2

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ALERT!... Prior to Outlawing Shotguns, ATF Will Accept Public Comments Until the End Of May



The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is taking a rare step of allowing public comments prior to issuing a decision on a study that could result in outlawing certain types of shotguns currently available to citizens. ~ Aaron Mathis

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Agenda 21... As Lights Go Out In Detroit, A 'Stack and Pack' Megatropolis Future Planned For Remaining 40% Of Residents



Detroit, whose 139 square miles contain 60 percent fewer residents than in 1950, will try to nudge them into a smaller living space by eliminating almost half its streetlights. ~ Chris Christoff

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Monsanto To Purchase Whole Foods?!?... NEVER!



Since early 2011, there has been a lot of information circulating regarding Monsanto's purported purchasing of the natural health food store known as Whole Foods; topics like "Monsanto buys whole foods" and others quickly became hot search terms. ~ Related article

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WHO Will Use Polio Vaccines to Depopulate Underdeveloped Nations



The World Health Organization (WHO) will declare polio a global health emergency this week. Although they claim they lack the sufficient funding to take on this endeavor, Sona Bari, spokeswoman for the polio eradication program at WHO, said the world faced a "now or never" moment. ~ Related article

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Chemtrails Are Polluting Thunder Clouds and Trapping Ground Heat Causing Al Gore's 'Global Warming'



A new study claims that pollution trapped in thunder clouds is making climate change worse. Alarmists were shocked that they had not thought of this one before, considering that their computer models "failed" to take this into account when predicting the not so accurate future. ~ Susanne Posel

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ALERT!... Chemical Castration... Caused By Popular Hair Growth Drug



Warning to all men who are considering using Propecia to treat their male pattern baldness: it causes sexual dysfunction in nearly all users and this is often PERMANENT! ~ Video

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Comedy Central... Uses Subliminal Messages and Mind Control on the Populace



Unfortunately the illuminati have been practicing mind control techniques on the populace dating back hundreds of years. However, in modern times the mind control techniques have become extremely advanced and are used mythically on the general public. ~ Shepard Ambellas ~ Videos

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Preparing for Prison Life... 5 Lessons Learned in Public Schools


It didn't occur to me that the six-foot fence around the perimeter was meant to keep me in. That is, until the day I decided to leave. Fed up with being kicked around the schoolyard, I decided to do what any intelligent human being would do... go home. I soon learned this wasn't a viable option for a sixth grader. ~ Rhonda Robinson - article - Video

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