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Major Obama Crony-Contributor Company to Count and Manage 2012 US Vote Results?... Stealing the Vote... No Recounts Available!?!



We seem to have reached the end of the United States of America, folks.  At least that is what the Obama syndicate wants us to believe.  The time to panic has come and gone and now the great and planned wasteland of what was once our country has already begun its implementation.  Will we ever stop it? ~ Sher Zieve

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Jailing Americans for Profit... The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex



"Mass incarceration on a scale almost unexampled in human history is a fundamental fact of our country today - perhaps the fundamental fact, as slavery was the fundamental fact of 1850... by Constitutional Attorney John W Whitehead

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National Movement Launched To Impeach Obama



A new national movement has been launched to impeach President Obama based around five core issues which clearly demonstrate how Obama has flagrantly violated the Constitution. ~ Paul Joseph Watson - Video

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Bilderberg Group To Pick Romney's Running Mate... Washington Post (Keep Your Eye on This One!)



A story in today's Washington Post written by veteran columnist Al Kamen suggests that the Bilderberg Group may have a decisive role to play in picking Mitt Romney's running mate, continuing a recent trend in which the secretive cabal has had a direct influence on the U.S. presidential election. ~ Paul Joseph Watson

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