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California... Slammed With Fukushima Radiation



The Journal Environmental Science and Technology reports in a new study that the Fukushima radiation plume contacted North America at California "with greatest exposure in central and southern California", and that Southern California's seaweed tested over 500% higher for radioactive  iodine-131 than anywhere else in the U.S. and Canada... ~ Several article links

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The Shocking Face Of China's Barbaric One Child Policy



This is the shocking face of China's brutal one child policy which many academics and pressure groups are now calling to be imposed in the west - the image shows a 9 month old baby lying dead in a bucket, forcibly aborted by Chinese family planning authorities in the town of Moshan, Shandong province. ~ Paul Joseph Watson

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Lost Lightning... The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla



An indepth look into Nikola Tesla's recently de-classified government documents. This newly released information has been sequestered from the public for over sixty years! ~ Documentary

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1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign DELETED by FDA!!!


While the Food and Drug Administration has seemingly reached the limit for unbelievable behavior, the company's decisions continue to astound and appall consumers and health activists alike. ~ Mike Barrett ~ related article

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US Army Organ Donor Registry... The Pentagon's 'Recycling' Program


Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

I'd like to expand your understanding of how sick, how anti-human, and how deranged American war is with some of my discoveries regarding Army organ transplantation, widespread brain damage, and the tormented victims of war that no longer truly live, but suffer in medical suspension just above death. ~ R. Perry

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Day Light Saving Time... Why Do We Have It?... The Truth May Surprise You!



Although most Americans will routinely turn their clocks ahead an hour at 2 a.m. on March 11, 2012, polls show that the majority don't fully understand why they're even doing it. ~ Leah Zerbe

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One Million Americans Demand Labeling for GMOs!



One million Americans rarely agree on anything, let alone anything that has to do with the federal government. But this week marked a historic milestone. After 180 days of collecting public comments, the Just Label It campaign announced that 1 million people (1,000,075 to be exact) asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to label genetically modified foods, or GMOs. ~ Emily Main

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Pennsylvania... Fracking Explosion


SPRINGVILLE TWP. - An explosion at a natural gas compressor station in Susquehanna County on Thursday morning blew a hole in the roof of the complex holding the engines, shaking homes as far as a half-mile away and drawing emergency responders from nearby counties. ~ article

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