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Missouri... St. Charles Caucus Conspiracy Confession on Hidden Camera... Check This Out!


Check out this strapping young patriot spilling his guts about fan-dangling the St. Charles caucus to make sure "everyone's vote was heard" and "The Ron Paul" didn't take over the meeting! ~ See Update

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'Heartless' Dick Cheney Recovering at Hospital After Heart Transplant



Former Vice President Dick Cheney was recovering Saturday at a Virginia hospital after receiving a heart transplant, his office said. ~ Video

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Rare INS Document Found! ... U.S. Certificate Issued To One East African-Born Child Of U.S. Citizen In 1961!



IMPLICATIVE DISCOVERY... A government document found buried in the online reference section of a Boston Public Library archive bolsters a growing mountain of evidentiary data against Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility to be president. ~ Documents - related articles

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The Myths About Homeschooling...



Most people seem to have many misconceptions and assumptions about homeschooled kids and their education. The truth is... homeschooled kids wouldn't have it any other way and neither would their parents! ~ Videos

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Obama's Education Department Partners Up With George Soros!



The Department of Education has partnered with billionaire George Soros' Open Society Institute to promote a global education initiative that seeks "a world where each and every person on Earth can access and contribute to the sum of all human knowledge." ~ Aaron Klein

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Pennsylvania... Governor Signs 'Voter ID' Bill to Prevent Voter Fraud... Effective Immediately!



Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law Wednesday evening a bill that will require all voters to bring photo identification with them to the polls in November.

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Concentration Camps...U.S. Government is No Longer Hiding Camps!



The government is not even bothering to hide the FEMA camps anymore.  All those who have said it was only a "Conspiracy Theory" are now seeing it is real. ~ Sherrie

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Abortion... What UK Children are Being Told in Schools



Anti-abortion campaigners in Britain are making controversial claims that abortions are linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, in a presentation to children in school which has been obtained by the Guardian.

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Agenda 21 ... Seven Building Blocks for 'Heavy-Handed' World Government Outlined in U.N. Policy Paper



The fact that the world is being restructured from decentralized diversity to collectivized hierarchy by an authoritarian regime cloaked in green trappings can hardly be disputed. The final push toward the next and perhaps final phase may be announced this June at the 2012 U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Martial Law by Executive Order



President Obama's National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order of March 16 does to the country as a whole what the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act did to the Constitution in particular - completely eviscerates any due process or judicial oversight for any action by the Government deemed in the interest of "national security." ~ Jim Garrison

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North American Union Has Arrived!... Media Blackout



With the conclusion of the 12th meeting of the perimeter security joint crime forum between Canada and the U.S. The border will be removed and law enforcement integrated to work together. All of this is a result of the "Beyond the Border" initiative nobody seems to have heard about. It's called the North American Union and it will change everything and it will become the final step for the New World Order... ~ Video

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